Desperado Harley-Davidson®
About Us

About Us

Desperado Harley-Davidson® was awarded Harley-Davidson® Motor Company's prestigious silver bar and shield circle of achievement award for the calendar years of 2012 and 2014.

This award is given to the top Harley-Davidson® dealerships in the country based on but not limited to dealership performance. Growth, and customer service and satisfaction. The award is given by Harley-Davidson® Motor Co.


  • Fulfilling Dreams
  • Raising the Bar
  • Exceeding Expectations
  • Enjoying Life
  • Driving Excellence
  • Owning Our Market
  • Making Life-long Customers & Friends

Desperado Harley-Davidson® Mission Statement

  • Offer quality products and services which ignite, fuel, accelerate and fulfill the dreams of personal freedom through membership in our legendary motorcycling community.
  • Apply our success toward the betterment of our team members and their families, our neighbors and community, while continuing to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers.


  • Honesty: We promise to shoot straight - giving our customers a fair deal and making it right if something goes wrong
  • Loyalty: We are 100% committed to our customers, our team and our brand
  • Integrity: We believe our reputation is the most important thing we own - our word is our bond
  • Discipline: We believe our greatness is forged through regular and repeated mental, physical and spiritual pursuits
  • Passion: We believe that if it’s not worth loving, it’s not worth doing
  • Community: We believe life is more fun when lived together
  • Family: We believe family is the bedrock of our communities
  • Perseverance We believe fast is great, but long-lasting is even better
  • Professionalism We believe excellence matters in every task and every engagement

Desperado Harley-Davidson® located in beautiful McAllen, Texas has proven that a Harley-Davidson® dealership can be a modern and exciting store, while maintaining traditional, old-fashioned, personal customer service. At Desperado Harley-Davidson®, we strive to provide you, our customers, with the best of all worlds; the technology to maintain your motorcycle in top condition, the modern conveniences to make your buying and shopping experiences a pleasure, and the traditional and personal service you deserve. In the years that Desperado Harley-Davidson® has been serving the South Texas area, we have been a dealership that our customers have come to rely on to exceed all their expectations.